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Pelvic X-Ray

Patient Medical
Education & Info

Here at National Neurosurgery Consultants, we strongly believe in educated and informing our patients in terms that they can understand.  Dr. Shehadi has compiled much patient friend informational documents, and slide show presentations and even educational videos online including on YouTube. 

Just call email our office, and let us know that educational material and neurosurgical topics you are interested in learning more about. Our staff will be happy to direct you and help you. Feel free to email Mary at email address.

Thank you!


Cervical Herniated disc

Cervical stenosis

Lumbar Herniated disc

Lumbar Stenosis

Areas of Expertise

Head Trauma

Spinal trauma & Fractures

Neck Pain

Lumbar Degenerative disc disease

Cervical degenerative disc disease

Natural Foods as Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Brain Tumors

Personal Injury Cases

Spinal Cord Stimulators


Areas of Expertise


CT Scans

MRI Scans


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